Lucas "Chumbo" Chianca

I use Teccel because besides being the most resistant blanks for small waves, they are also good for the big ones, being stronger and lighter alongside that great stringer!

Carlos Burle

I use Teccel because I need to have equipment that I trust in all conditions!

Lapo Coutinho

As a surfer, I need to be prepared with high quality equipment to never let me down. My life and career depende on it. I only use Teccel and really like the "GUN" blank, that allows me to have big boards and get big waves around the world. Thanks for everything, Teccel!

Jorge Pacelli

I use Teccel because without a doubt, they are the best manufacturers we have in Brazil and besides everything, we have to ride big waves and shape a lot of "GUN" boards. Teccel is the only one that does these blanks for this kind of board and that's why it is the best.

Fábio Gouveia

I'm with Teccel since the 90s. It's a blank that I really trust, being super-resilient and innovative. I have many tests being done with the new Performance Pro blank. Boards are getting done and good stuff will come out!

Diego Silva

I use Teccel because it's a national brand that always have encouraged and still encourages sports in Brazil, that manufactures high quality blanks, being the country's number one and one of the world's best. They revolutionized the market blending epoxy resin on PU foam. That's why I use Teccel. The country's number one brand!

Saulo Carvalho

I have a nice partnership that for more than 10 years I've been with Teccel, and I came to talk about the Performance Pro blank: a super light and strong blank, which the athlete will feel more precision when maneuvering. Performance Pro, the champions blank!

Ulisses Freesurfer

With these blanks from Teccel, I have everything I need and I can have it here at Bali! It has lightness and resilience, which is everything I need to surf.